Saturday Brownie Bribery

February 4, 2017

Our so-called President is in Florida at his pay-to-play golf club while a lot of GOP Congress members are at a Taxi Dance, singing Hey Big Spender to the wealthy influence buyers.

After a 9th Circuit Court Judge issued a Temporary Restraining Order against the Executive Order banning Muslims from the U.S., Trumpolini tweeted his outrage that a Federal judge would dare do his job, dared to defy him, dared to consider the possible unlawfulness of  his majesty’s ban on Muslims. His bellow of “so-called judge” and the vow to fight him is still out there, floating around on the clacks… er, the internet, even though he deleted it later. The internet is forever, kids.

Meanwhile, the Temporary Restraining Order is in effect and the pertinent agencies say they’ll abide by the ruling and have reinstated more than 80,000 Green Cards and Visas which means that sweet little baby can have her open heart surgery here in the US, families are being reunited, students are returning, and Canada is still a better neighbor than we deserve.

Tonight I made:

Lora Brody’s Mom’s Fudge Squares


I want to give all credit to Lora Brody and her mom. Years ago I stumbled across Lora Brody’s wonderful book, “Growing Up on the Chocolate Diet: A Memoir With Recipes”. This is a great book and you should own it if only to read it, but the recipes are very, very good. [I wanted to get permission before I posted this recipe but I can’t figure out how to do that, so I hesitated; I’m unsure if this constitutes fair use and I will remove it if she lets me know she doesn’t want it here.]

These are the best brownies I’ve ever tasted, better than standard brownies made with cocoa powder, more like if fudge and brownies had a baby. Oh my!  You use real unsweetened chocolate that you have to melt in a double boiler, but that’s easy-peasy even if you don’t have one.  Trust me,  my kitchen smells like chocolate and coffee and wonderfulness so you’ll want to make these; the only downside is we have to wait until these are cool before eating them.

Ingredients for the Squares

1 stick of butter at room temperature                              2 oz unsweetened chocolate, melted

1 Cup granulated sugar                                                          1/2 Cup milk

1 extra-large egg                                                                      1 tsp vanilla

1 Cup all-purpose flour                                                          1/2 Cup walnuts.

1/4 tsp baking powder

Ok, if you don’t have a double boiler get out a medium saucepan, put about an inch of water in the bottom of it, and set a metal bowl on top, a bowl that’s slightly wider than the saucepan’s top. Turn the burner on low under this contraption and put the chocolate into the bowl. The water will simmer and gently melt the chocolate in the bowl.


You can melt that chocolate in the microwave; you can look it up on the internet. It works fine, I just like using the double boiler.

If you’re wondering about the chocolate, Baker’s comes in blocks of 1 oz each and you’ll need 3 blocks: 2 for the brownies and 1 for the frosting.


Preheat your oven to 350°  and butter an 8X8 pan.

Cream together the butter, sugar, and egg.  Sift the dry ingredients together and add them and the melted chocolate. Do not overbeat. Add the milk, vanilla, and nuts, stirring just to blend.

[Now, Lora says to do all this by hand, but I have a problem with my shoulder so  these days I cut the cold butter into about 8 pieces and use my handy-dandy food processor; that way I don’t have to wait for that stick of butter to come to room temp.]

Scrape it all into that buttered pan and bake 30 minutes. While you’re waiting for that to come out of the oven you should make the frosting. Oh yeah, these brownies have frosting.

Frosting for Brownies

2 Tbsp instant coffee                                                      1 Tbsp sweet unsalted butter

1/4 Cup boiling water                                                      1 oz unsweetened chocolate, melted

1 generous cup of powdered sugar                              1 tsp vanilla

Dissolve the coffee in the boiling water. In a medium-sized mixing bowl combine the sugar, butter, chocolate, and vanilla. Measure out 2 Tbsp of coffee and stir it into the frosting. [I melted the butter and chocolate together in the double boiler, and that’s no sin]

When the squares are done, bring them out to cool on a rack. Wait 5 minutes before applying the frosting. Let them cool before cutting.


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