Alton Brown’s Cinnamon Rolls

March 27 2017 Day 66?

I’ve lost count.


Over the past several days it has become clearer that the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nuñes, is not only interfering with the investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia at the White House’s direction, but that almost every member of the cabinet is tied in some way to Russia. He was given his “intel” the day before his non-informational hysterical press conference, after which he ran to the White House to inform the President of the information. The President knew about the information before he got there, because DUH! that’s where it originated. There’s this thing called Separation of Powers but the Trump administration and a lot of Republicans don’t seem to understand. The Legislative Branch does NOT answer to the Executive Branch.

Since then Nuñes has changed his story about this business so many times that it’s obvious that he’s just flat-out lying. He needs to resign.

Mike Pence isn’t clean as the Republicans would like to pretend; he knew about the Russia connections.

Paul Ryan is eager to legalize killing bear and wolf cubs in their dens while they are hibernating/sleeping, as well as their mothers. Also, they will again be hunted by helicopter.

Purge the lot of them. Purge them all. Early voting has started in Georgia to replace Price and it’s going to be a really close election. Vote for Ossoff if you care about anything or anybody.


Alton Brown’s Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

That’s what I’m working on right now, to be baked tomorrow morning. All the credit for this wonderfulness belongs to Alton Brown. You can find his recipe here:

I did compare this recipe online to the version he did on Good Eats and there are a couple of differences. The recipe on the tv show calls for 20 oz of flour added gradually, a cup or two at a time, except for the last 3/4 cup. I knew I was way over the 15 oz but figured it might be because I live in a humid place, and humidity can be a factor in baking. The other differences I noted are that on the tv show he  cut the dough into 12 rolls rather than 8; he used a pan of boiling water in his oven for the final rise and didn’t turn on the oven until after the rolls had risen, about a half hour. Baking time was the same.

For supper we had lentil soup again, using the recipe posted on February 7, 2017.

cinnamon rolls

iced cinnamon rolls


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